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Why you should buy used office furniture

Having customers commenting on how excellent and how amazing our huge array of used stock is isn’t uncommon. We regularly have customers asking the question “why didn’t I think of buying used office furniture before?” So I thought I would share with you just a few reasons why people prefer to buy used office furniture over new and why you should get on board!

The first reason probably won’t come as a surprise. Every one likes to save money and yes, you guessed it, used office furniture is cheaper than new. A lot of our stocked items are just a few years old and before it leaves us, undergoes a full makeover/ refurbishment giving you that “As good as new” look.




When you buy used office furniture, you buy quality that has withstood the test of time, sometimes branded, designer furniture. The warranty offered with new is usually a good testament to its quality. When you buy used office furniture though, you have proof of this quality and if you purchase it from us a warranty still applies!

Let me ask you a question. What is one thing no one in the world likes to do? Lose money? You’re right! Buying most products new, such as cars or electronics for example, means that as soon as you have paid for them they depreciate in value, how annoying! However, when you buy quality used office furniture its value can actually increase based on the cost of comparative new office furniture and its resale value could remain as high as 75%! You could also see your furniture increase in value tremendously if it’s designer, look at the Eames EA108 for example!

Now for the most important part- if you buy used office furniture you’d be helping to save the planet! This may sound a bit extreme and you may ask “ how can buying second hand seating, desking or storage help save the planet?”. Well, think about it, disposing of wood can usually end up with it sat in a landfill and disposing of other materials can usually end up having a damaging impact on the planet! By purchasing used office furniture you will not only be saving the life of perfectly good, useable furniture by giving it a new home and lease of life, but also be saving the planet as you know it!

“I want it cheaper and I want it now!”

Unlike new, used office furniture is stocked and ready to go! Forget 5-6 week lead times, we’ll have it to you within a week! In most cases used office furniture is delivered just a few days after an order is placed, if its undergoing re-upholstery then maybe a week at the most.

If you’re not convinced yet, get in touch on 0118 988 5410 or email sales@barkhamofficefurniture.co.uk and if you’re up for saving money and the planet then shop now at www.barkhamofficefurniture.co.uk


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