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Why We Love… Kinnarps 6000 Task Chairs

Every week we like to feature a product and highlight why we love it so much… this week we’re giving a big thumbs up to Swedish furniture manufacturer Kinnarps and their wonderful 6000 series office chairs.

Kinnarps: Making Life Better at Work…

Kinnarps Founded by Jarl Andersson

Kinnarps was launched by Evy and Jarl Andersson in 1942 and to begin with manufactured furniture on a made to order basis for architects and alike. A year later they began delivering tambour storage cabinets to the Swedish Government which eventually led to their first big government contract.

In the 1980’s Kinnarps expanded their range to include conference room furniture and soft seating before becoming the first Swedish furniture manufacturer to be awarded a quality certificate under ISO 9001.

Today the sustainable furniture manufacturer boats around 2700 employees across Europe and was recently commissioned to space plan and furnish Europe’s Greenest Office!

The Kinnarps 6000 Task Chair

Their most popular products include the Kinnarps 6000 and 8000 series office chairs, primarily due to their timeless design, excellent ergonomics and wealth of seating adjustments that provide extreme comfort and well-being.

Kinnarps 6000

Functions & Options: Synchron Tilt Mechanism

The main feature of this office chair includes the Synchron Mechanism which is a tilt action that allows both the back and seat of the chair to move in perfect harmony with your body. It also allows the seat to be tilted forward and locked into the perfect position whilst adjusting the resistance according to your weight.

Kinnarps Synchron Mechanism

FreeFloat Movement & Resistance

Free-Float is another tilting mechanism in the 6000 series that encourages movement. Both the seat and the backrest follow your body movement providing the ultimate in comfort tailored to the individual. The resistance again works with your body weight and can be locked into any position.

Kinnarps 6000 Freefloat

TechnoGel Armrests

The armrests offer a range of adjustment in both width and height. They are filled with TechnoGel which is an amazing gel cushioning that moulds to the user and offers the ultimate in comfort and pressure distribution.

Kinnarps Armrests

Five-star base & Footrest

The base comprises of five legs in a star shape that each feature footrests with grips allowing the user to support their legs and feet in comfort.

Kinnarps 6000 Footrest

Preowned Kinnarps 6000 Operator Chairs for Sale

You can see now why we love the Kinnarps 6000 so much, they’re classic Swedish work horses and we’re always looking out for quality preowned ones to offer our customers. Below is an excellent high-back example of which we have several in stock at present…

Used Kinnarps 6000

Used Kinnarps 6000 Back

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