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Why We Love… Herman Miller Aeron Office Chairs

In the first of a series of posts, we highlight one thing from our range and tell you why we love it!

This week, we’re excited to show off the Herman Miller Aeron  Size B Office Chair. While it might look like a normal office chair, in reality it’s quite the opposite and a pioneering work chair in respect of ergonomic design and functionality. But before we get into the finer details of the what makes the Aeron so awesome, here’s a little background on the Herman Miller brand.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller is a brand that, together with a strong designer team and ethical background, aims to make the working environment better. The brand entered the furniture market as the Herman Miller Furniture Company back in 1923, but they were around long before that in 1905. The company has since gone on to win awards for their designs and sell huge numbers of outstanding ergonomic office chairs.

Herman Miller Aeron Design Story

In 1994, designers Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf began work on the Aeron by thinking about what a chair ought to do for a person and came to some solid conclusions.

  • Ergonomically, a chair ought to do more than just sit there. It should actively intercede for your health when you sit in it longer than you should.
  • Functionally, it ought to move and adjust as simply and naturally as possible. It should support you in any position you assume, at any task your office job serves up.
  • Anthropometrically, a chair ought to be inclusive. It should do more than accommodate people who are larger or smaller than average size-it should really fit them.
  • Environmentally, it ought to be benign. Its manufacture should be sparing of natural resources, and the chair itself should be durable and easy to repair, recyclable and easy to disassemble.

The resulting Aeron design has redefined the very meaning of “work chair”, it also doesn’t look like other conventional office chairs in the fact that it is neither upholstered nor padded.

Herman Miller Aeron Size B

The Aeron chair didn’t end up in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection just because it looks cool… although it does of course!. Its looks were only the beginning, the Aeron accommodates both the sitter and the environment –

  • It adapts naturally to virtually every body, and
  • it’s 94% recyclable 
  • Even if it’s black, it’s green!

Aeron’s designers called for the use of renewable and sustainable raw materials, they also made components easy to remove and replace for recycling thus extending the chair’s life span.

Herman Miller Aeron Recycle

Designer Bill Stumpf said,

“It was a matter of deliberate design to create a ‘new signature shape’ for the Aeron chair, competitive ergonomic chairs became look-alikes. Differentiation was a huge part of the Aeron design strategy, and it remains one of, if not the most, critical aspects of Aeron’s success.”

The human form has no straight lines; it is biomorphic. We designed the chair to be, above all, biomorphic, or curvilinear, as a metaphor of human form in the visual as well as the tactile sense. There is not one straight line to be found on an Aeron chair.”

Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

The iconic Aeron design was refined and validated through research and experts’ opinions:

  • It was tested for comfort with scores of users, pitting it against the best work chairs available.
  • Leading ergonomists, orthopedic specialists, and physical therapists evaluated the chair’s fit and motion, the benefit and ease of its adjustments.
  • The design team conducted anthropometric studies across the country, using a specially developed instrument to calculate everything from popliteal (back of the knee) height to forearm length.
  • The research team did pressure mapping and thermal testing to determine the weight distribution and heat- and moisture-dissipating qualities of the Pellicle material on the chair’s seat and back.
  • Field studies using a specially designed measuring device examined the relationship between sizes of people and their preference for chair size (Dowell 1995b).
  • Measurements of 224 people—in a sample that was evenly distributed between men and women and that closely reflected the distribution of the U.S. population on most dimensions—found that of all the anthropometric dimensions measured, height and weight had the strongest relationship to chair size preference.
  • This produced three chair sizes based on those dimensions, Aeron size A, B & C

Herman Miller Aeron Size B

Aeron’s B-size office chair fits the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile male making it the most popular size in the range.

Herman Miller Aeron Size B Guide

Image credits: Herman Miller

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Used Herman Miller Aeron Size B

Recycled Herman Miller Aeron Size B

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