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Vitra – It’s not just the national flag that’s a plus!

This is Vitra

The expansion of the Vitra brand is down to the fact that their services are exceptional, from design and materials to construction of the final piece. We all know as you get older, you gain experience, and this allows you to develop; Vitra follows this model perfectly, their brand and name has grown due to the experience they have gained and as a result, they have developed into a global company. Vitra is a furniture company which is family owned and they are based in Switzerland. There’s no two ways about it, Vitra is a phenomenon in the office furniture industry, a company who doesn’t do things by halves. Their continuous growth and fascinating designs are embedded in their love for furniture and passion for office design. Their belief is that furnishings and domestic objects have a major influence on the quality of the environment and thus contributes to the overall quality of life. Very deep and meaningful words to live and work by, yet you can bet your bottom dollar that they genuinely believe this. The Vitra project is in a constant state of change due to design and fashion continuously evolving and moving forward – Vitra doesn’t stop, they move ahead. Vitra started out in the 1950’s and initial work was with the famous Charles and Ray Eames. This relationship between Vitra and the Eames office is still continuing to the present day.

Vitra is the sole manufacturer of the Aluminium Group today


Much like us at Barkham Office Furniture, Vitra is aware that the environment is an important part of society and well being. Vitra believes that if a relationship of an object with nature is toxic then it does NOT work at all. Much truth lies within this, and we feel the same about the planet that we call home. We follow our own regulations on protecting the environment and this is evident from our low carbon footprint and our unbeatable expertise in office clearing. Our office clearance promise includes WEE (Waste, Electrical and Electric equipment) project management. Our most recent waste stream improvement has introduced a recycling bin dedicated for desktops made from either MFC (melamine faced chipboards) and WFC (wood faced chipboards) or MDF faced boards, all of which  now go to a Biomass burner, which means zero landfill.


Yes, we love Vitra

As a company, we love everything about Vitra. The company oozes creation, design and thought provoking ideas, this is what makes them unique  and different from the rest. We stock a lot of Vitra goods, from Eames inspired Meeting Chairs to stylish and affordable Meeting Tables. What we love most is the creativity and the desire to produce fantastic furniture goods which never fail to cause a stir within the furniture world. Vitra makes sure their products go through a vigorous testing process before stepping outside the factory to be sold. Product lifespan is vital for Vitra so the company exposes their furniture to levels of stress unnecessary, to make sure their furniture will last for a long time.

Coincidence that businesses have Vitra interiors?


Stylish boardroom fitted with Vitra chairs and table


Many companies kit out their office interiors with Vitra, but why? Well, if the above information isn’t enough to ‘woo’ you then here’s some more to add the icing to the Vitra cake. Companies do their research, they know what is in and what is not, it’s that simple. Vitra has a certain aura, a vibe, which attracts people and companies to it. Imagine walking into an office and seeing fancy work desks and leather seating in a modern finish. In a nutshell Vitra offers this. An environment in which colleagues, employees and clients alike can be inspired, an aesthetically pleasing place to work.

Design is all about dialogue between the manufacturer and the designer, it’s never an autonomous act, but a joint effort that takes time, it is a relationship. Vitra acknowledges all sides of the final product. No one individual is more creditable than another. It’s a modern day company with deep underlying values which give it an edge. Many reasons why we appreciate and love the work carried out by Vitra – It’s not just the national flag that’s a plus.

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