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10 of the Best Office Desk Gadgets

What’s an office desk, without a collection of fun gadgets on it? A somewhat boring desk if you ask us! There are so many useful and interesting office gadgets out there, that we’re spoilt for choice on how to add some technology-based help to our day.

Is your desk devoid of gadgets? Here are 10 great suggestions for what you could invest in.

1. Desktop Coffee Maker

One of the most important things to do when you enter your office, is to fix yourself a hot mug of caffeine of course! This Desktop Coffee Maker is just £19.99 from Firebox and is the easiest way to make yourself a cup of coffee without having to get up from your desk.

Office Desk Coffee Maker

2. Desktop USB Cup and Mug Warmer

Once you’ve made your cup of tea, you want to keep it warm? How about this USB Cup and Mug Warmer from Genie Gadgets for just £4.95… should keep it just the right temperature, even if you get stuck in a meeting or on a call!

USB Coffee Cup Warmer

3. Mobile Device Charging Station

Wires are one of the most annoying things about technology these days. But the Messless Charging Station from Gadget, £49.95, tidies up all that mess by having one charging centre for all your gadgets. Great for saving space and reducing the number of plug points you need to use.

Messless Mobile Device Charging Station

Messless Mobile Device Charging Station

4. Matchcarden Townhouse Garden

We’re rather charmed by the Postcarden Townhouse, at only £3.95. Not so much a gadget as a tiny snippet of healthy goodness right on your office desk! It grows real cress in the cardboard ‘garden’ which you can then harvest for your egg sandwiches at lunchtime. It also arrives in a postcard shape, so you can send it to clients and customers as a thank you too, brilliant!

Postcarden Townhouse Garden

5. Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a habit of eating your lunch at your desk (it’s not healthy, but most of us are guilty of this at some point or other!) you might be battling with a keyboard filled with rogue crumbs? This Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner from Caths Gift House, £9.99, should tidy up your desk and allow you to continue typing smoothly.

Desktop Henry Hoover

6. Ergonomic Keyboard

We spend a lot of time here at Barkham Office Furniture explaining the benefits of ergonomic office chairs. But it’s important to also pay attention to what your hands and wrists are doing. The Engage Keyboard with ErgoMotion from Firebox, for £62.99, claims to suit your position better and create a working position where you’re putting less strain on your wrists.

Smartfish Engage Keyboard

7. Desktop Diffuser

If you like to maintain a level of calm in your office, the Zen Aroma Diffuser from Red5, £41.95 is a great desk gadget. It diffuses the air while filling it with your chosen scent. It’s a good deal more attractive than a normal air freshener too!

Desktop Diffuser

8. Pacman Stressball

Pac Man is over thirty years old, oh wow! When the day gets too tough, don’t storm out of your job or shout at the boss… just old Pac Man a good SQUEEZE! We can’t guarantee the problem will be solved but this £2.99 Pac Man from Menkind will help to smile, relax your muscles and de-stress you!

Pacman Stressball

9. Cooling Fan Pen

Now more than ever, we’re aware of the importance of having some form of cooling system in the office. If the idea of putting an air conditioning system in for the four days it’s hot a year sounds a bit daft, This bargain Cooling fan pen from Gift Ideas for £5.95 might appeal. As you write away, the end of the pen will keep you chilled! Maybe a great tool for keeping cool in a meeting?

Cooling Fan Pen

10. Plug Hub

The plug hub from Find-Me-A-Gift for £28.99 is a handy way to keep all your computer wires underneath your desk nice and tidy. Pop your power charger underneath, and the rest of the wires can be wound up inside the box.

Plug Hub

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