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Tangent 80:80 Bench Desk

Introducing The Tangent 80:80 Bench Desk


The Tangent 80:80 Bench Desk comes in a white finish with sturdy silver frame. Offering plenty of room per user with an overall footprint of 4m x 1600 this Bench Desk intends on being a key figure within offices. Currently the Tangent 80:80 can be found in most offices and schools and it does exactly what you want of a Bench Desk and more.


With a formidable solid structure, the Tangent 80:80 possesses superb cable management as can be seen from the picture above. This integrated cable management offers users the spacing to store all cables away neatly whilst not detracting from the overall structure of the Bench aesthetically.

The real USP of the bench is actually the ability to form a ‘corner unit’ per person as can be seen in the picture below.


This feature is definitely unique to this Tangent Bench and it offers more than a traditional rectangular feel. The footprint is larger and the possibilities are greater also, allowing flexibility for the user. Additionally the Tangent 80:80 Bench Desk comes with desk mounted screen that can be seen in the photos.


The frame of the Tangent 80:80 is simple looking, yet as mentioned, the possibilities are enormous.

We are excited about having over 350 of these in stock and all are in an excellent condition. We are dealers in the used office furniture market and when these 80:80 tangent bench desks became available we got extremely excited. Our price of the bench reflects the trade and their popularity, and for ONLY £125 per user these desks can be yours. The desk can be configured to seat more people so please ask when enquiring about this bench. We are aware that the price and the condition of this bench desk will make it extremely popular in the used office furniture market and we are receiving enquiries about this bench daily.

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For more information on this Tangent 80:80 Bench Desk please feel free to ask a member of the team and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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