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Sustainable Re-Upholstery: Why We Use Camira Fabrics

At Barkham Office Furniture, we talk a lot about recycling and using second-hand or used furniture. What we don’t tend to talk a lot about is the sustainability of the fabric we use for re-upholstery. But today we’re going to rectify that, because we really think it’s something worth knowing more about.

When we re-upholster office furniture and namely second hand office chairs, we use fabric from a company called Camira Fabrics. The really interesting thing about Camira Fabrics is the innovative approach they have to producing their materials. In their own words… they…

“design and manufacture the most innovative, adventurous, environmentally sensitive fabrics in the world”

We’re talking about fabrics made from nettles or hemp which might sound a little new age, but Camira Fabrics are found on a huge number of furniture pieces.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

While their unusual fabrics are a talking point, it’s their approach to sustainability that’s really interesting. Have a watch of this video about the sustainability of their hemp fabric, created by RCA graduate and Sundance Film Festival nominee, Dan Ojari using just the Camira Hemp fabric. Then read on…

Camira Fabrics have created a label called the Second Nature Fabrics. All these fabrics are certified to have been made from recycled raw materials, used renewable and compostable fibre types, or high content wool fabrics which are climate neutral through CO2 offsets.

While many companies have developed a sustainable and eco-friendly approach in the last few years, Camira has been ahead of the pack. They’ve been creating environmental non-metallic dyestuffs since the 1990s. The company has worked hard to recycle, re-use and use cyclical loops for their waste, so they can hit their target of recycling 85% of their waste a year.

They explain: “Our fabric selvedges and yarn remnants are downcycled into insulation materials, yet we’re also working on upcycling them back into yarn and then into fabric; cropped wool fibres are used as animal bedding on local farms; cardboard and plastic yarn cones and packaging are returned to suppliers for re-use; and we’ve reduced our own packaging to cut down on waste for our customers.”

Camira Fabric Colour Swatch

Giving back and getting awards

As if all that wasn’t good enough, they also support Huddersfield charity Kirkwood Hospice, and have raised £20,000 for them in the last five years. Not bad for a company that does all their own manufacturing, creates new and innovative fabrics and makes sure they constantly improve their recycling and reusing results. It’s no surprise that they won the Sustainable Development Awards in 2010, for their environmental product and manufacturing stewardship.

So, you can probably see why we’re so proud of our office chair re-upholstery service. It combines our recycling policies with the sustainable and innovative fabrics of Camira Fabrics.

The fabric type we mainly use goes by the name of Xtreme Plus which is a crepe fabric with a difference (colour swatch above). It’s manufactured from 100% Recycled Polyester saving virgin raw materials and is a Second Nature branded fabric. It has stretch properties and features exceptional abrasion and Euro flammability performance – perfect for office chair re-upholstery.

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