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Spotlight on: Vitra Furniture

Vitra Desk

Vitra designs

Browsing through our designer furniture range, you might have noticed we’ve got quite a few pieces from Vitra. The Switzerland furniture brand is all about bright, flowing shapes and creative designs. Their designs aren’t just limited to their furniture – visit their Vitra Campus or the Vitra Design Museum and you’ll see examples of their creative work everywhere.

Vitra White Rectangular Desk


The thing we really like about Vitra here, is their commitment to sustainability. According to their website, it’s important to Vitra to create pieces that have a “high functional and aesthetic life expectancy”, and it’s this long term vision that’s central to Vitra’s sustainability approach. They’ve actually been working on sustainability and making sure their production doesn’t harm humans or the environment, for over 25 years.

Vitra Headline Office Chair

Here’s what Rolf Fehlbaum, Chairman of Vitra, has to say about it.

“Sustainability is just like morals: one should live by them and not just talk about them. Our roots in modern design make the first step easy: we make products that avoid the superfluous and last for a very long time.”

Vitra Designer Furniture

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