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Spotlight on Steelcase, Celebrating 100 Years

Steelcase is celebrating 100 years in the office furniture industry so it’s only right that we spotlight the brand, their amazing history and feature a few of their popular products.

Heard of Steelcase?

They’re global leaders in the office furniture industry and are based in Michigan, United States employing around 11,000 people worldwide.

For 100 years they’ve been bringing human insight to business by studying the way people work and have recognised the importance of good ergonomics in the workplace.

With this in mind they have developed a range of office furniture to help ensure companies create the right working environment for all their employees.

1912: Where it all started

Steelcase actually started as “The Metal Office Furniture Company” on March 16th 1912. Their 100 year history since is full of inspirational drive and achievement…

Steelcase 1912-1999

Steelcase 2000-2012

Proud to Produce Europe’s Best Selling Desk System

Steelcase believe “a better workplace makes your company more successful”, because… “it plays a crucial role in the way you bring together your people, processes and technologies to get things done.”

TNT Desk Solution

The TNT* range above was developed with this in mind and is a dynamic desking solution featuring a wide range of options for all types of users and workstyles. It enables staff to get their desk space set up just the way they want it, ultimately this makes them more comfortable and productive. In addition, innovative features allow them to switch quickly between solo and collaborative tasks.

A flexible working environment is a must today and from open plan spaces to call centres, managers offices to team stations, the TNT* range has configurable options to dynamically suit any business. Moreover, it also contains no hazardous materials, no heavy metals and is 99% recyclable!

TNT Desk System

Love How You Work with Healthier Seating

We talk about this alot! Your choice of office seating is the most important ergonomic decision you’ll ever make at work and the Steelcase office chair range is exceptional.

The Please Chair for example has been designed through 4 years of research involving 11 separate studies, 732 participants and working with 27 scientists and 4 universities!

A Backrest Modelled On Your Spine:
3 key discoveries from the study were incorporated into the design of the Please chair:

  • The spine doesn’t move as a single unit
  • Each individual’s spinal motion is unique
  • The upper and lower back requires different amounts and types of support.

Please Chair

Also 99% recyclable, the Please Chair is the only chair with two separate backrests offering an unequalled level of comfort. It incorporates (LTC²), a patented synchronised tilting mechanism that gives independent support to the lumbar, thoracic cervical regions and independent support to both your lower and upper back.

Adjustments include:

  • Seat height
  • Seat depth
  • Backrest height
  • Tilt tension
  • Armrest height
  • Variable back stop
  • Lumbar tension adjustment

The Leap Chair
To be at your best Steelcase say that you need a chair that’s an outstanding performer and the Leap is undoubtedly that while also being their most ergonomic chair.

In a year-long study, people who received Leap chairs and office ergonomics training achieved a 17.8% increase in productivity. The study shows how the Leap chair reduces lower back pain, discomfort and musculo-skeletal disorders.

Steelcase Leap Chair

Sold on Steelcase?

If you’re on a budget but love the sound of Steelcase office furniture and their amazing product range for your working environment

TNT* desks & Pedestals – £145.00+VAT (now SOLD!)

Steelcase TNT

Leap Chairs

Steelcase Leap Chair Side

Leap Chairs are now back in stock!

Thanks to Steelcase UK for allowing us to use their images in our timeline.


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