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Sit Stand Desk… How do we use them?


Last year we wrote about the “The rise of the Sit Stand Desk” and how they’re on their way to revolutionise the way we work.

Since then the Standing Desk has taken the nation by storm! As retailers of commercial office furniture we are seeing more and more enquiries about Sit Stand working.

At Barkham Office Furniture we recently became new users to the Sit Stand lifestyle and one of the first questions we asked was “what is the correct way to use these desks?”. Following some research online we found that there isn’t a great deal out there.

So courtesy of what we did find, we’re going to run through some of the fundamentals of how to use an electric height adjustable desk to ensure correct body posture and desk ergonomics are being used. If you’re interested in the health benefits to be gained from Sit Stand working click here.

Firstly and most importantly we need to look at how to actually stand at a desk. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here or teach you how to stand again; we learnt to do that a long time ago! However, ‘how’ you stand at your Sit Stand Desk is extremely important, we’re doing this to improve our health- not hinder it.

Standing Desk Ergonomics

The image above shows how your body position and posture should be, while the pointers around the image outline a few vital points on where things should be set. For example, you’ll see that the position of your monitor should be approximately an arms length away from your body while your eyes should be level with the third quarter of the screen.

Following the tips above will ensure that you’re using your Sit Stand Desk properly. From day one of using a Standing Desk you will be taking advantage of health benefits that are to be gained from your new sit stand lifestyle.

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