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Stand up for your health with a Sit Stand Desk

The rise of the Sit Stand Desk

‘Sit stand desk’ is the current buzzword that we are hearing around the office at the minute and if you’re like the majority of us Brits you probably have no idea what a sit stand desk is. If you don’t then the facts behind why people are using them are going to shock you!

It has been said that the average British person sits down for 8.9 hours a day. It has also been said that sitting down over 4 hours a day can lead to a variety of health problems such as heart/ cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity and high blood pressure to name a few.

So what can we do about sitting at our desk all day?

Sit stand desks, aka-standing desks or height adjustable desks, are exactly what they say they are, a desk you can sit at as well as a desk you can stand at, two in one. Clever designs now make it possible for an ordinary looking office desk to be height adjustable through either a manual handle or an electronic motor.

Sit Stand Desk

Studies have shown that standing at your desk can lead to a 10% increase in productivity, higher energy levels, improved concentration and fewer headaches!

Suffer with Back problems? “Up to 90% more pressure is applied to your lower back when sitting compared to standing”- Cornell University Department of Ergonomics.

“I attend the gym and play lots of sports” I hear you say. Doesn’t matter. If you are sat at your desk for prolonged periods of time then you are still suffering.

When it comes to good office furniture ergonomics there’s nothing we love more than to promote it, take a look at our blog post ‘What’s the Perfect Office Desk and Chair Height?‘ for instance. But the fact is, no matter how ergonomically your chair or desk is designed, you are still sat down for the majority of the day.

Now before you throw away your office chair, standing all day isn’t good for us either. So what can we do?

Up to 90% of Scandinavian office workers use a sit stand desk or a sit stand bench desk. Compared to the 1% of us Brits that use them, it seems like we are a little behind in the race for a healthier work life.

Sit Stand Bench Desk

It’s not suggested that we should use our sit stand desk to be up and down every 10 minutes. Just standing at your desk for 30 minutes per day is estimated to loose you 5.2lb of body fat per year. Standing at your desk for 3 or 4 more hours 5 days a week, over the course of year is the equivalent of running 10 marathons!

As you burn 50 more calories standing at your desk compared to sitting at your desk it has been dubbed ‘the easiest way to burn calories at work’. After all, once you have been sitting for more than 90 minutes your metabolism is already slowing down.

Standing at your desk is not a new phenomenon though. Famous standing desk users include, Nobel Peace prize winner Ernest Hemingway, American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, United Kingdom Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and American Politician Donald Rumsfeld.

Think about your daily routine. You wake up and sit down for breakfast, you head off to work and sit down during your commute (whether this is driving or sat on a train or bus), you get to work and sit all day, even when you head off for lunch you sit down. And when you’re done with work you head home and veg out on the sofa.

Sit stand desks are a proven way to benefit your health and productivity, so what’s stopping you? Get standing!

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