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Partitioning and Office Space

Thinking inside and outside the box!

The partitioned office setting traditionally involves straight edges and often takes up huge amounts of space. Don’t get us wrong, these types of partitioning have their use, however, the world of partitioned walls and office space has been revolutionised in recent years. There are a number of reasons for this, with the most obvious being lack of area available to build.

At Barkham Office Furniture we source the latest partitioning around. Our Loop Free Standing Meeting Pod (pictured) is one of the most used constructions internationally due to its feeling of openness and maintenance of light throughout. This doesn’t detract from the privacy required and this booth offers both ample light and adequate privacy.

We enjoy making our clients happy, and that is why we have the best partitioning available.

Square-Meeting-Pod-Systme-ER0017 Loop-Freestanding-Meeting-Pod-ER0021
The Free Standing Square Meeting Pod Loop Free Standing Meeting Pod


The Free Standing Square Meeting Pod is another example within our range that offers a fantastic opportunity to deliver meetings whilst enhancing the natural light available. Made from Aluminium Framed Panels, the Pod is available in a variety of surface finishes including upholstered, glazing or dry wipe.

We are able to provide furniture to suit the culture of the company, with open desks and meeting rooms being great for teams. Conversely, if the culture of your company is focused around working independently then there’s nothing better than our pods or perhaps we can call it a bubble! We want to help you maximise the space you have in the most economical way. Our uniqueness and love for office furniture makes us stand outside the box from our competitors.

Benefits of the Pods – The Information

These pods are a fantastic addition to any office space and we can add to your excitement with the fun facts!

– No building regulations are needed to install these

– Easily re-configerable and re-locatable

– Easy to install

– Different sizes in height, width and shapes

– 38db acoustic rating

– Air circulation units

– Options for sliding door

Less is often More…

First impressions matter – the comfort and style of an office reveals a lot about the personality and culture of a company. The office environment and its setting are KEY to making employees and clients feel comfortable. Client meetings may be won or lost within the opening of the front door – bright modern colours often define the energy and drive of a company. Whether you want to keep up to date with the latest fashion or simply utilise the space in the office, we have your needs covered. It’s essential when choosing the furniture items, that they align with your space and style. After all, you will be using these everyday. Curved partitioning is a great way to enhance the space available without taking up huge amounts of unnecessary space. The Curved Free Standing Meeting Area (pictured) offers room for meetings with privacy being the key factor. Our range of curved partitioning doesn’t stop there, we also offer the most contemporary Free Standing workstations. It is a far cry from the mundane open plan office settings to which many have become accustomed, but we want to help you step out from the crowd.


Freestanding-Partitions-Workstation-Seating-ER0022-4 Circular-Meeting-Pod-ER0016-3
Free Standing Partition with options for
seating and workstations
Curved Free standing Meeting Pod

 Why not jazz up your pod with some funky manifestation designs!


At Barkham Office Furniture we constantly find innovative and exciting ideas for any office space. The Pods are fantastic on their own, granted. However we believe that these can go beyond the realms of fantastic design by using a simple yet very effective technique. Glass manifestations are simply designed to make people aware that a glass wall is present, some designs are basic and are required for their appropriate setting. Yes, you guessed it, we like this idea and have explored it further to discover that you can also have whatever design you wish on your glass wall! It can be promoting your company with a logo or picture, or you can take it further to add a creative design with the purpose being to add privacy from the inside or also give an edge to the pod within your office space!

Check out these creative manifestations (pictured below) – we told you, we are always looking for the best, and these certainly fit into that category!

Examples of Creative Manifestations on Glass Pods
Glass manifestation - 2 blog.
 Partitioning and Office Space



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