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Orgatec – The Modern Working Environments

Orgatec – The Modern Working Environments

After a manic few hours on the Tuesday morning dealing with cancelled flights and hurricanes, we finally arrived in Cologne ready for the Orgatec show. On our way to the hotel we were met by a glorious looking Cathedral (pictured) and couldn’t help but get a quick snap!

Orgatec Blog 1
Gothic Cologne Cathedral


Height Adjustable Desks – They’re in

It was Wednesday morning and we were eagerly anticipating what Orgatec had in store for us. Upon arrival we were met by an eclectic mix of contemporary furniture but our objective was to explore the ergonomic furniture. Despite witnessing some fascinating designs and beautiful creations, we managed to stay on task and our aim was clearly emulated by a lot of other companies. Height Adjustable desks and chairs are becoming increasingly common in the work place due to their perceived health benefits which include lower blood pressure and also the improvement of productivity. We are really keen on this aspect of the market as we believe ergonomic office products will continue to expand and progress. What we offer at Barkham Office Furniture are some fantastic, well priced height adjustable desks and tailor your order to your needs. Pictured below is an example of an electric height adjustable desk that we can both supply and install for you.

Height Adjustable
Electric Height Adjustable Desks


The health benefits of the ergonomic desks and chairs allow these products to sell themselves. Improvement in circulation is an obvious factor to start with. If an employee can work both sat down and stood up throughout the course of the working day then that is massively advantageous to their health. Being sat down all day can cause circulation problems compared to having the option of standing for some part of the day. When your legs and toes go cold it’s because not enough blood is being supplied, something is cutting it off – usually the angle of the knee when sitting down. Standing up reduces this and you are also able to move more freely and stretching enables good circulation of blood around your body. Being able to move and adapt your working station is pretty swish and is scientifically proven to improve productivity. So with all these benefits and much more, can you now see why this is the new era of ergonomics?

Alternative designs for the office

Another design that was present amongst a few stands were the booths, not just normal booths, but booths with character ; these booths offered something a little different. Many had built in speakers which is a new idea within offices, allowing employees to momentarily escape from their busy work schedule. A funky example of a sound booth chair can be seen pictured below.


sound booth
A Black Sound booth area looking futuristic


Obviously these types of chairs have their place within the office market, but great interest was created and we believe these chairs will find their niche. The opportunity for these break out areas offers a chance to relax on a portable device and link it up to the surrounding chair. Great ideas throughout and this gave us a chance to reflect on the brilliance at the show.

What we took away from our trip to Cologne

After a hectic start of the weekend, we came away refreshed and excited about the future of office furniture; we certainly knew that ergonomic furniture is the next big thing. The sound booths were excellent and it is all built in line for the future office. Storage options are now even more simple and well thought through. We visited a stand which offered a flat packed tambour unit, designed as a pair of denim jeans. Again, these type of funky ideas are great but each company has their own criteria on business look and this one, albeit creative, was targeted at more of a home office environment. Nonetheless the designs we witnessed were amazing and most definitely unique, keeping the look contemporary and fresh. With the likes of Google using these designs within their offices, most companies are seeing the contemporary design ideas as a good avenue to follow. We are here to offer you whatever you want within your office, old or new, bright or grey. From desks to high tech ergonomic chairs, we have it all. If you want us to design your office too, we can even do that. What better place to come? We are here to offer you the best service at the best price, without compromising on quality at all!

Orgatec 2014 was well worth the trip!


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