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Case Study: Office Furniture for Finch Associates

The Finch Group, a Company of Insurance Brokers and Financial Services, have offices based in four locations within the South East. Thanks to a growing business, we were recently asked to help them adapt their workstations so they could have a more modern, uniformed and flexible layout. We at Barkham Office Furniture were happy to help out!

Until recently, their offices were kitted out with large radial workstations which had been added to as the business expanded eventually leading to several different styles and finishes. They wanted to change this and implement a completely new office furniture set-up and achieve the objectives below:

Main Objectives

  • To design a new layout that added additional staffing capacity
  • To modernise the office look and feel
  • To uniform the finish throughout whilst using recycled furniture
  • To upgrade the office seating with high end ergonomic chairs

Our Solution

To meet their needs, we had many discussions with Finch Associates before going on to produce scaled designs of a new office layout and positions for power and data.

The final design portrayed maximising the office space using modern bench desks and privacy screens from Bene that introduced clean lines throughout the space.  Apologies for the low res picture!

Bene Office Furniture

The stunning desks from Bene offered the benefits of height adjustable legs, sliding silver tops, life up desk power modules and matching under desk drawer pedestals to complete the look. The privacy screens were originally silver but recovered in blue as requested to match the the office scheme.

Height Adjustable Legs

Bene Desks with height adjustable legs

Lift Up Power Modules

Bene power modules

Matching Drawer Pedestals

Bene Office Desk

Sadly these awesome desks have all been sold now but we’ve always got alternative used Bene furniture in stock for you to choose from!

Recycled Giroflex G64 Chairs (recently blogged about) were chosen for their ergonomics and then re-covered in a vibrant red sustainable fabric from Camira to compliment the blue and also reflect the Finch Group’s corporate colour scheme.

Giroflex G64 Chairs

To ensure the project ran smoothly and completed on time, we also worked with the Finch Group to provide advice and office clearance services.

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