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Lord Sugar hires EAMES well into the 21st Century

Charles and Ray Eames – History of EA108


Charles and Ray Eames were two of the most highly respected furniture designers of the twentieth century and in 1958 they designed the famous EA108 chair which was originally manufactured by Herman Miller. Charles and Ray constructed the chairs with cast aluminium and a seated frame to support a stretched fabric or leather, hence the name EA108 Aluminium Range. Due to the uniqueness of the chair, demand was sky high, not just within the US, but all around the world. This offered an opportunity for Herman Miller to license other manufacturers within Europe – and as a result Herman Miller ceased production of the EA108 in 1986. Vitra, Hille, Mobilier International and ICF continued producing these in Herman Millers absence. Despite an on-going court battle, ICF continued to manufacture the chair without interruption for many years. They finally stopped producing and selling the EA108 chairs in 2004 and Vitra is now the ONLY manufacturer of these.

Despite this, both Herman Miller and ICF versions can be purchased today, albeit they are extremely rare and are now vintage items. The authenticity of the Herman Miller chairs is maintained as each chair holds the original date of when they were manufactured.


Designers Charles and Ray Eames


Iconic Eames continues to sit in the boardroom on The Apprentice


Neither Charles nor Ray Eames would have anticipated how famous their EA108 chairs would have become. Their innovative approach to furniture design back in the 1950’s continues to be appreciated well beyond the twentieth century. The Eames Soft Pad EA108 Chair is into its 10th year on The Apprentice. In the boardroom, the business candidates have the comfortable EA108 chairs to soften the blow of Lord Sugar, if and when he decides to fire individuals. Unlike the candidates however, the chairs remain in the boardroom throughout the entire series. Like most designers, Charles and Ray Eames had issues to smooth over when designing the chair, including what fabric was used and how high the seat should be. Lord Sugar faces a similar problem when deciding on who to appoint as his next business partner, tweaking and altering events throughout the programme. We firmly believe that the BBC have fantastic taste in chairs with their continued use of one of the most iconic meeting chairs of the twentieth century! The heritage of the chair lies within Herman Miller, but both Vitra and ICF have manufactured high quality versions of the original design. Luckily at Barkham Office Furniture we have these vintage eames chairs available as originally manufactured.


Candidates on The Apprentice sitting on the EA108 chairs


herman miller ea108
The EA108 Chair


The Eames design both for tables and chairs is exceptionally popular in todays business market. In addition to the fantastic EA108 chair that we offer, we also have original Vitra Eames meeting tables. The Vitra Eames tables are becoming increasingly popular in businesses, not merely because of the stylish finish, but the added pressures of teamwork and communication require meeting tables, and these are nothing short of perfection. Every company wants to maximise employees potential, and with a state of the art business environment including exceptional Eames designs, what better way is there to facilitate the potential of your employees?

At Barkham Office Furniture we take great pride in providing the highest quality service, from when you place your order until we finish by delivering and installing your goods. We guarantee thorough checks on all products and enthusiastic service from our staff throughout.


Charles Eames Vitra round table 151 cm diameter white
A stylish Vitra Eames Meeting Table



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