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How to Choose an Office Chair?

The office chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your office, choosing the right one for you is therefore crucial!

In this post, we focus on the most important features you should look out for when choosing your new office chair, so that the many hours you spend it are actually comfortable ones.

How To Choose An Office Chair


Choosing a chair with the correct support is a vital feature to look for. All good ergonomic office chairs will come with a range of features and adjustment options today including lumbar support for the lower back to help prevent strain on your spine which can in turn cause you to slouch.

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Regardless of the chair you choose, the most important thing to remember is your posture!  Work with your chair by sitting up straight and being conscious not to slouch as this is the first step to help keep any back pain away!

Ergonomics is all about the design of the chair with the user in mind so that the user can fine tune the chair so it works perfectly with their body – getting the right one for you is very important!


Chair adjustability is also important as you need to find the correct and most ergonomic working position. Office chairs can have anything from 5-14 individual adjustments, the more adjustments the better really.

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The most important adjustments are for the back so look out for those that support your back exactly where it should do.

Sitting properly with the chair reclined at a 135 degree angle actually puts the minimal amount of strain on your back so force yourself to sit properly!

Height adjustments ensure you can achieve the correct working position at your desk. Adjustable armrests will then help you find a comfortable position, keep your upper arms near vertical and your forearms close to horizontal.


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We are not talking a stunning set of alloys here, just the right wheels for the flooring in your office! If the surface of your office floor is hard then ensure you choose a chair with soft, rubber wheels.  If you have carpet then hard wheels will help you move around much more easily.

There are many office chairs on the market today that don’t offer the support needed for the modern, office working life, so finding one that offers support in every area is extremely important to avoid back pain on a daily basis.

These are just a few tips on how to quickly choose the right office chair and help with the fundamentals to look out for. However, if you’re in a state of confusion and just want some good office chair ideas, here’s a short list of awesome ergonomic ones that we love.

Axia Operator Chair – £125

The BMA Axia Office Chair is an elegant yet robust office chair offering a range of dynamic seating options helping you keep the perfect posture.  It comes with various adjustments including back height, arm height, seat height, seat slide and tension control.

BMA Axia Chair

Giroflex G64 – £110

The Giroflex G64 Office Chair is one of the most popular ergonomic chairs in the world with around 1.5 million chairs sold.  The chair is fully adjustable allowing the individual to find their perfect seating position whilst offering full support and comfort.

Giroflex G64 Chair

Steelcase Leap Chair – £120

The Steelcase Leap Chair has been designed to take the pressure off the lumbar area with it’s flexible backrest that continually supports your back. The chair also comes with separate upper and lower back controls allowing you to adjust for your comfort.

Steelcase Leap Chair

Kinnarps 6000 – £175

Another popular ergonomic chair is the Kinnarps 6000 Operator Chair with over 2 million sold worldwide.  The chair comes with a great range of adjustments allowing the user to adapt it for ultimate comfort. Features include free float tilting mechanism, seat slide, forward and back tilt, adjustable height and arm and seat slide.

Kinnarps 6000 Chair

Steelcase Please Chair – £145

Another great chair from Steelcase… the Please Chair. It’s fully adjustable offering great support to improve your posture and is the only chair that features two separate backrests. Other features include a height adjustable back and arms, lock-in mechanism, lumbar tensioner and gas lift.

Steelcase Please Chair

Herman Miller Aeron – £375

Last but not least is the amazing Herman Miller Aeron known for its distinctive looks and its pioneering ergonomic design that provides the ultimate in comfort and balanced body support. The endless features include adjustable tilt tension and seat height, adjustable lumbar pad, forward tilt and tilt limiter and arm height. Read all about why we love the Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

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