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Five of the most unusual offices

Thanks to wi-fi, flexible working hours, social media and laptops, businesses can now be based in an office almost anywhere. Some businesses are taking advantage of this by turning unexpected spaces into their working space. Here are a few of our favourites:

Garden Office Pods

More and more people are now working from home. But working from home isn’t particularly easy if you have to share your office space with the rest of the family. Which is why garden pods are becoming more popular. Gardens often go under-used, so why not add a unique office space outside just a few steps from your home? There are plenty of different options, but this Rotating Garden Pod is a more modern style.

Rotating Office Pod

Shed Office

Continuing the trend for garden offices is the shed office or log cabin. It’s often a cheaper option, and can double as a playroom for the kids during the summer or a studio or workroom for a creative type. Have a look on Garden Buildings Direct for some log cabin options like the BillyOh.

Garden Office

The shed office is ideal if you’re looking to make use of traditional office desks and nice executive office chairs.

Garden Office

Tree Office

Were you lucky enough to have a tree house when you were little? If not, fear not! You could always work in one now! Have a look at the drop-in Microsoft Mobile Out Of Office from 2007, or Ricardo Brunelli’s business tree house. Possibly not the most practical of routes to work, but the view out the window/side of the building would be pretty impressive, and peaceful!

Tree House Office

Tree House Office

Mobile Office

In America, trailers are a popular residential building, but they’re not a bad idea if you plan to travel with your business often. Companies like ActonMobile offer trailers especially for office use – particularly handy if you have to be on-site often for work.

Mobile office

Or maybe an office in a bus?

Mobile Office

Mobile Office

Canal Boat

Imagine working away on a project while you slowly drift down a river. Nice image, right? Marketing company PushON thought they’d try something different, and set their office up on a canal boat as a quirky alternative office. OK, so that didn’t actually happen. It was an elaborate April Fool’s Day trick by the marketing company. Still, we quite like the concept of a canal boat office!

Canal Boat Office

Canal Boat Office

Canal Boat image via Flickr User Bob the courier

If you could have an office anywhere, where would it be?

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