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Ergonomic Accessories – Dual Monitor Arms

Ergonomic Accessories – Dual Monitor Arms

As we’ve established over recent years ergonomic products are crucial within the working office environment. Whether it’s your chairs ability to tilt forwards or backwards, or your desks adjustable height options, an increasing number of companies are always looking at how to maintain high levels of productivity whilst ensuring employees health isn’t compromised. In the past few years we have seen an enormous increase in ergonomic design, and it shows no sign of stopping. With the continued health benefits as well as scientifically proven high productivity rates, companies would be deemed foolish not to offer these in their own working environments.

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Monitor Arms – Single Arm, Dual Arm, Triple Monitor

Previously we have touched on height adjustable desking as well as ergonomic seating and both have fantastic benefits to employees, but what we have missed is staring at us right in the face! It is excellent to have a chair that tilts forward, backwards, up and down. However, if someone is staring down to look at their screen for, lets say 7 hours a day, significant damage can be caused to the neck. How do we rectify this issue? Simple, monitor arms. The Articulating Monitor arms attach easily to desks and allow monitors to be aligned at ‘eye level’ which is deemed optimal height.

Most companies should perform a risk assessment of your work station when you join a company to make sure that your area is suitable for you to work. RSI (repetitive strain injury) or work-related injury as it’s better known, is caused by pain felt in the muscles, tendons and nerves caused from repetitive movement or over use. By simply attaching a monitor arm to a work desk, you are reducing the chance of injury to the neck drastically whilst improving posture. Work-related injuries often mean that an employee needs a day or two off to recover, and that seems ridiculous as RSI injuries are easily preventable.

Monitor Arm Dual A009 MoSingle Monitor Arm A004
 Dual Arm allowing for Double Monitors  Articulating Monitor Arm


It seems so simple, yet for such a small cost a company can significantly improve the productivity and most importantly look after the health of their employees within the working environment.

Other benefits of the monitor arm include the ability to manoeuvre the monitor into a position where you feel suits you, and if you want to change it during the day, you have this option. A monitor arm can also be pushed away to create space if not needed for part of a project – all of these indicate why the monitor arm is so crucial ensuring every user can work in ideal ergonomic conditions.

Information on the arms

As well as being extremely robust these steel adjustable monitor arms can accommodate 7kg per arm – perfect for dealers and traders who require Dual Arm, Triple Monitors and Monitor Arms allowing for up to 6 monitors for work use. Additionally the monitor arms are brand new, sustainable and quality is not compromised – fitting neatly with our business model.

6 monitors arms – perfect for dealers and traders


The following includes some key information :

  • Supplied complete with both through Desk and Edge Clamp fittings as standard
  • Universal 75mm Vesa Mount and 100mm Vesa plate included
  • Cable management clips
  • Can be adjusted to ANY height via the ‘Quick release clamp’
  • Available in Silver and White

How we can help

We are always looking at ways to help our customers out through ergonomic ideas and from as little as £60 you can purchase a monitor arm from us. We feel that monitor arms are just as crucial, if not more integral to a balanced ergonomic environment for an employee. Take a look here for our full range of monitor arm accessories.



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