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Renovation & Re-upholstery at Barkham Office Furniture

Renovation and Re-upholstery

At Barkham Office Furniture we’re all about making sure that our customers, you guys, get the most for your money, receive a quality product and are happy with your purchase. It’s exciting that we’re able to fulfil ... Read the full post…

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Statement swivel chairs- a great way to impress, excite and add colour co-ordinated, stunning comfort to your life.

Statement Swivel Chairs

How do you really make a statement within your office?

Well, we could sit here all day and tell you about furniture you can install, types of furniture that work best or office layouts that have been ... Read the full post…

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Why you should buy used office furniture

Having customers commenting on how excellent and how amazing our huge array of used stock is isn’t uncommon. We regularly have customers asking the question “why didn’t I think of buying used office furniture before?” So I thought I would ... Read the full post…

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Vitra – It’s not just the national flag that’s a plus!

This is Vitra

The expansion of the Vitra brand is down to the fact that their services are exceptional, from design and materials to construction of the final piece. We all know as you get older, you gain experience, and ... Read the full post…

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5 Recycled Chairs for the Office or Reception

If you’ve read any of our blog posts you will have noticed that we are passionate about the environment, especially when it comes to recycled office furniture.

This week we’d like to share a few awesome recycled chair ideas ... Read the full post…

Cutlery Chair Feature

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Buy Boss Design Kruze Chairs in your company colours

The Kruze Chair is a result of a joint collaboration between Boss Design and award winning furniture designer David Fox. Regular viewers of BBC’s Match of the Day will recognise the iconic chair instantly as they have pride of ... Read the full post…

Boss Design Kruze Chairs in your company colours

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5 Tips for a Greener Office

Reducing business expenditure is a hot topic that’s being discussed in many offices around the world. Not only are businesses looking at ways to save money but they are also looking to reduce their carbon footprint to help with climate ... Read the full post…

Tips for a Greener Office

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Sustainable Re-Upholstery: Why We Use Camira Fabrics

At Barkham Office Furniture, we talk a lot about recycling and using second-hand or used furniture. What we don’t tend to talk a lot about is the sustainability of the fabric we use for re-upholstery. But today we’re going to ... Read the full post…

Camira Second Nature Fabrics

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