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Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

From May 24th 2016 we had the pleasure of attending Clerkenwell Design Week to view the latest in office furniture and design.

An eclectic mix of furniture was on display from the past to present day including reception furniture, ... Read the full post…

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Statement swivel chairs- a great way to impress, excite and add colour co-ordinated, stunning comfort to your life.

Statement Swivel Chairs

How do you really make a statement within your office?

Well, we could sit here all day and tell you about furniture you can install, types of furniture that work best or office layouts that have been ... Read the full post…

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How do you create the perfect office?

When it comes down to designing the perfect office environment there are many routes you can go down, it all boils down to ‘what kind of performance are you wishing to gain from your employees?’. So for example if we ... Read the full post…

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Reception Desks

Reception Desks

Now the first thing that hits you when you walk into any office is the Reception Area – do they have comfy seats? Do they have a TV? Oh wait, WOW, their reception desk is unbelievable! Yes, it ... Read the full post…

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Reception Seating

Bene Red Reception Seating

There are many selling points to these chairs it is hard to know where to start! The first unique statement that these chairs offer is their lift up power modules located in the front of the ... Read the full post…

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‘Break Out Areas’ within the office

Simplistic and modern

What’s all the commotion about these so called ‘break out’ areas? Why are they even called break out areas? We wanted to discover some more about this as we realised their growing importance and success within business’ ... Read the full post…

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Partitioning and Office Space

Thinking inside and outside the box!

The partitioned office setting traditionally involves straight edges and often takes up huge amounts of space. Don’t get us wrong, these types of partitioning have their use, however, the world of partitioned walls and ... Read the full post…

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5 Ways To Pimp Your Office

Does this sound like your office?

  • Boring cream walls?
  • Grey filing cabinets?
  • Dark blue or black chairs?
  • Dull coloured carpet?

All these miserable colours make for a miserable workplace and they do nothing for our creativity and productivity. So to ... Read the full post…


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5 Tips for a Greener Office

Reducing business expenditure is a hot topic that’s being discussed in many offices around the world. Not only are businesses looking at ways to save money but they are also looking to reduce their carbon footprint to help with climate ... Read the full post…

Tips for a Greener Office

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Five of the most unusual offices

Thanks to wi-fi, flexible working hours, social media and laptops, businesses can now be based in an office almost anywhere. Some businesses are taking advantage of this by turning unexpected spaces into their working space. Here are a few of ... Read the full post…

Unusual Offices

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