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Brno chair – A Timeless Design Classic – By Guest Editor Eddy Geraghty

Brno chair – A Timeless Design Classic


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe alongside Lilly Reich designed the Brno chair to fit in the bedroom of the Villa Tugendhat, van der Rohe’s and Reich’s design was an example of a modern cantilever chair (alike the type designed by Mart Stam and Marcel Breuer five years prior).

Although the Brno chair by Knoll is one of the most famous, there were cantilever chairs before. The person credited for the invention of the cantilever chair is Mart Stam, however there was controversy around the inventor as Marcel Breuer also claimed that he came up with the idea in 1925, one year before Stam had the idea, in the end Mart Stam won the patent.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was born in 1886 in Aachen, Germany near Germany’s borders with the Netherlands and Belgium. When van der Rohe was only 19 years old he left his country home to move to the city after being advised to do so by a fellow architect.

Van der Rohe had many jobs and created many modern buildings and structures including the Friedrichstrasse Office Building. Although never built it’s still considered by many as a revolutionary design and was thought to be the first glass skyscraper ever designed.

In 1929 van der Rohe (alongside Lilly Reich) designed four chairs in the space of year, these started with the Tugendhat chair in 1929 and ended with the Brno chair in 1930. The Brno chair was named after Brno, Czechoslovakia, where a couple named Fritz and Grete Tugendhat wanted van der Rohe to build them a house. The Brno chair was designed for their bedroom, the house consisted of other modern pieces of furniture such as the Tugendhat chair and the Barcelona chair (both also designed by van der Rohe and Lily Reich).

At the time of its creation the Brno chair was a very important piece of innovative furniture as the same type of cantilever style chairs are very popular to this day, with many different designers opting for the this design as it provides a very modern image. Original Knoll Brno chairs are sold for approximately £2000.00; however, they can be bought refurbished for £475.00 + VAT at Barkham Office Furniture.

The Brno chairs that Barkham Office Furniture have in stock feature real black leather with a solid Flat Bar chrome frame. The meticulous attention to detail in the making of the chair as well as the weight show the quality of this icon of the 20th century. The Brno Flatbar is celebrated for its lean profile, clean lines and meticulous attention to detail.

In excellent condition, these Original Knoll Brno chairs are available immediately!

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