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‘Break Out Areas’ within the office

Simplistic and modern

What’s all the commotion about these so called ‘break out’ areas? Why are they even called break out areas? We wanted to discover some more about this as we realised their growing importance and success within business’ today. The term break out refers to an escape, so these areas are deemed a form of escapism whilst in the office. Ever been so tired that you struggle to function properly without your coffee break? Well these areas offer a route out of your workstation for a short time whilst allowing personal reflection. You can sit down, relax and unwind whilst catching up on the latest news or just taking some quiet time out for yourself.

Aerial shot of break out area within the office


The rise of the ‘break out area’ within the office

For employers these break out areas are almost essential due to having to comply with health and safety laws. It is not healthy to be sat at a desk, staring at your computer screen for 8 hours. We could dissect the whole concept of that, but will just focus on the damage that can do to you eyes, head and mental state! A break out area doesn’t need to be a massive issue, just a place where employees can get away from their screens and even just have a spot of lunch. All you need is a couple of sofas or a few lounge chairs with a neat little coffee table in between and voila! So the idea is exceptionally simple, yet what it can do for your employees is the interesting bit. A short break, for lunch, coffee or an informal meeting in these areas allows the employees the chance to refresh, re energise themselves – that’s the good part. So overall the break will re-charge the individuals and high levels of productivity can resume. Little and often breaks may be beneficial, it’s up to the company and their discretion. Obviously if people are popping out every hour then you’ve got to be a bit suspicious if they are actually achieving anything at their desk anyway.

So having known all this information, why were employers not incorporating these ideas into their company offices years ago? Money, time and a lack of understanding. Most companies didn’t truly understand the concept and were probably hesitant on the idea. Much like the modern day ethos of following the crowd, this break out idea has caught on and is getting around to companies and business’ across the globe. Companies might have believed that having a couple of sofas in the office was a distraction or unnecessary. From what we now know this is far from the truth.


An example of seating positioned for a breakout area

How to create effective ‘Break out areas’ within the office

So, we wanted to show you how easy these break out areas are to assemble and how little it would cost the company – yes, we are that nice! As mentioned before you don’t need a lot of space to produce an area where employees can relax. The space we set up wasn’t very large and it is more than enough room for employees to break out during the working day. As you can see it’s very simplistic, yet extremely effective. The furniture that you wish to set this up with include sofas, small coffee table, single chairs. All of which we have in stock here at Barkham Office Furniture Ltd. A straight forward idea has transformed the way companies approach the concept of the break out area and we feel that the more popular these become, the more inventive furniture will follow on. That can be guaranteed. For more information please feel free to contact us directly via email or phone and we will be happy to help with your enquiry.

Simple, affordable and very effective 

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