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Flex Bench Desk

More than just a Bench Desk…


The traditional bench desk lacks life, soul and character more often than not. Most take up lots of space and then need to be replaced shortly after purchase as the number of employees has changed. Yes, these desks are very convenient, but practical they are not. What makes me so confident in criticising the traditional bench desk? Our New Bench Desk puts these oldies back in their place. It’s the 21st Century, everything else has caught up, it’s about time the office environment did too.

Key Features


At Barkham Office Furniture we have stocked used office furniture for 22 years, and we also sell new. As of January 2015 we have our first in house stock of new office furniture and it is our bench desking. The Flex Bench Desk fits in perfectly with our business model as it is sustainable and built for the future. The high quality bench desk is available in a silver or white frame and is powder coated, there is no evident sign of welding. As can be seen from the pictures below, the frame looks great and the finish is superb. The frame also stands out due to the middle leg being located closer to the inner part of the frame. This was designed specifically to allow users to move freely along and not get the daily whack on the leg!

BB-Frame-1 BB-Frame-9
 Side shot of the frame  Frontal frame


The telescopic beams are probably the most impressive feature on the bench desk – they are extendable and retractable. As mentioned, this bench desk is built for the future and it is possible due to these beams. The range starts from 1200mm and extends to 2000mm wide. The bench desk can extend or retract to suit the needs of your office. If, lets say, you employ more staff, you simply extend the beam to allow for more people around the bench. Likewise if you wish to reduce the size of the desk this is just as easy. The only difference is the size of the top, as this will need to be changed to adapt to the new size of the frame . It is much easier to do and plan ahead like this as it will save you money in the long run. It prevents the need to pour money down the drain by buying bench desks each year that are unmovable.

Another fantastic feature of our new bench desk is its ease to assemble and install. It takes less than 5 minutes to assemble the desk together and once built it is extremely sturdy. Combined into the frame is the integral cable management – not only does this save the user costs, but the way it has been produced and manufactured is incredible. Offering the user ample space to store wires away neatly whilst maintaining an affordable, professional bench desk is a look that most offices would love. The pictures below show the integral cable management and the brilliance of the telescopic beams.

BB-Cabletray-2 BB-Frame
 Plenty of room for all wires  Example of 3 way cable management


There is no secret here, our bench desk is of the highest quality, but we won’t burn your pockets. We have worked out a structured price plan for this bench desk and are confident it will be loved as much externally as we love it here!

The pricing point starts from as little as £150 PP.

white-frame-white-ped-coloured-chairs white-frame-white-ped-white-chair-walnut-top
 White top on white frame  Walnut top on white frame


Flex Bench Desk

It can be said that the Flex Bench Desk will fulfil all your needs now and into the future, and it’s a promise we are standing by. With a 3 year warranty on this Bench Desk we are confident in it’s ability to go out into the office environment and make a name for itself. Whether you prefer a white or silver frame we have an outstanding variety of coloured tops to choose from, including : walnut, beech, oak, maple and white. The sizes again vary from 1200mm – 1800mm to fit the bench. We found ourselves extremely pleased with how the different tops and frames combine to form a variety of options for the office, depending on the colour scheme and size requested.

On top of the broad colour variety we have available, we also have a brilliant screen option for only £85 per user and this can again be in ANY, yes any, colour of your choice.

The pedestals come in either a silver or white to match the colour of the frame, there are 3 draws in these and a pen tray is included too.

Bearing all of the above in mind it seems silly to look elsewhere for a Bench Desk as ours far exceeds expectations. Great quality, the best pricing and with a wide range of colours and sizes available we have all your needs covered. As we have these in stock they are ready for immediate delivery.

For more information about this Bench Desk please call 0118 988 5410 or email us at sales@barkhamofficefurniture.co.uk and we will be happy to help with your enquiry.


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