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A look into the ‘Unique and Ordinary’ works of Jasper Morrison

If we began to describe the designs of the Park Family by Jasper Morrison as ‘unique and ordinary’ you may begin to question our choice of words and you may even think that we have made a writing error, we haven’t.


Surely we can not say a design is ‘unique’, stand alone, different, individual and then go on to say that it is also ordinary, can we?

The reason we can say this is because this is exactly how the designer, Jasper Morrison, wanted them to be perceived. His intention of the Park Family was to portray super-normality, familiarity and recognised design. His desire was to improve an objects basic shape without altering its form, this has allowed for some spectacular pieces of furniture to be developed.

VitrasPark Swivel Armchair at first glance seems to portray a ‘normal’ armchair design, however on closer inspection you will notice the swivel chrome base, the elongated straight-line arms, the soft leather cushions and the detailing of contrast differential between the colours of the leather and the stitching. You will also notice the ‘Vitra’ tag on the back, reminding us that this armchair is not just a piece of furniture, but an item, a design, a piece of art.

Vitra Park Swivel Armchair-USC348-4Vitra Park Swivel Armchair-USC348-2

Jasper Morrison is pretty well known for breathing new life into prototypical proven designs. You’ll notice this again on the Vitra Monopod, 2008. As before, the Monopod resembles a very familiar shape, but look again. The Monopod is covered in an elegant brown leather; it is beautifully crafted and again has stitching similar to the Vitra Park Swivel Chair. Visualised as one singular entity, almost resembling an Anglo-Saxon chair that has been carved from a log. We like this, we like the sturdiness and the weighted presence.

monopod and log chair



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