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6 Ways to Keep Fit in the Office

If like many people you don’t seem to find the time to head to the gym during your lunch break or after work and always seem to find an excuse, with these new ingenious pieces of office fitness equipment, there really are no more excuses!

There’s a whole range of different pieces available like this great Fitness Ball Chair which is a high-quality, anti-burst ball that offers optimum seat height and comfort and has a secure base with easy-glide lockable casters.

1. Fitness Ball Chair

The Fitness Ball has been designed to help build core strength, eliminate back pain and almost force you to improve your posture too! You also don’t have to worry about finding room for it as it doesn’t take up any more space than standard office chairs do so you can’t use the excuse that it won’t fit under your desk!

2. Body Sculpture Mini Bike

If you don’t fancy the idea of a bouncy ball as a chair, then how about a mini exercise bike fits right under the desk? These little bikes allow you to pedal while you work and burn calories in the process too, perfect!

Fitness Trim Bike

The mini bike comes with an adjustable dial allowing you to set the resistance from an easy workout to a super hard one.  There’s also a built in screen displaying your progress and how far you’ve cycled along with calories burnt etc. just like a normal exercise bike would.

3. Twist Stepper

If you’re a fan of the stepper in the gym then there’s also a mini stepper for the office that you can hide under your desk until lunch.  These compact steppers twist up and down and side to side working your calves, quads, glutes and hips whilst the built in computer tracks the number of steps you’ve done.

Mini Stepper

4. Fitness Office Chair

How about this for an idea… whilst searching for fitness equipment you can use in the office we came across the concept Fit@Work office chair that moves around with you!

Complete with built in resistance handles and footrests it’s got an expanding base that provides extra stability during your workout.  The bottom cushion can be locked for those twisting exercises whilst the backrest can be lifted for horizontal exercises.  It also has spring-resisted foot stirrups too, mad but what a great looking office chair!

Fitness at Work

5. Gym Gym Chair

Although the Fitness at Work office chair is currently a concept, there is one very similar idea on the market already called the Gymygym Ergonomic Exercise Office Chair.

Gym Gym Chair

The Gymygym chair comes complete with four integrated exercise stations and the resistance band technology allows 16 core exercises to strengthen and stretch all your major muscle groups including your back, shoulders, arms, chest, legs torso and glutes.

Sitting in the same position for hours on end causes your muscles to weaken, your bones to thin and your limbic system (which is your body’s immunity to illness), to slowly deteriorate.  It can be like flying, and cause deep vein thrombosis and blood clots as the blood flow becomes much slower.

6. Good Ole Skipping Rope

Finally, there’s always the good old skipping rope which has been around since the 1940’s… you may look a little strange if you suddenly start skipping away in the office though! Probably the smallest piece of fitness equipment for the office as you can keep it tucked away in your drawer and then whip it out when you need a sneaky skip!

Skipping Rope

So for a range of mini workouts to ensure you stay fit while you sit, these pieces of office fitness equipment could be the answer you have been looking for?

You can no longer use work commitments as an excuse not to work out, off you go now!

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