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5 Ways To Pimp Your Office

Does this sound like your office?

  • Boring cream walls?
  • Grey filing cabinets?
  • Dark blue or black chairs?
  • Dull coloured carpet?

All these miserable colours make for a miserable workplace and they do nothing for our creativity and productivity. So to help inject some life into your ’50 shades of grey’ looking office, here’s a few ways to pimp up the place and make it a more enjoyable place to be.

1. Add some real colour to the walls!

Add Real Colour

More and more companies are at last realising that adding a splash of colour to the walls can actually have an impact on the mood and morale of staff. For example, a London design agency painted their office a different colour every week for six weeks while asking staff how each colour made them feel.

We really liked this idea as it got everyone involved as a team to contribute to a much happier looking workplace and it’s also something that any size business can afford to do today!

2. Reuse, recycle and recover those dull office chairs

If brightening the place up by swapping out you’re tired office seating isn’t an option right now, then why not recycle them a little and recover them in your company colours? This is a great approach as staff get a clean seat while the company gets a fresh branded look to the offices. You can choose from 60 different vibrant colours to match the business, including several shades of red, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, orange and more!

Recovered Office Chairs

3. Let there be light (in a green low energy way of course)

Pretty much all light bulb types and sizes can be replaced with a low energy alternative today including those awful Fluorescent Tubes above most of our heads, they’re even available in a few vibrant colours!  Swap the bright ones that may be hurting your eyes for lower wattage warm light versions and suddenly you’ll feel more relaxed.

Too many tubes to replace? Turn some of them off, replace the others and get yourself some stylish low energy desk lamps that suit you and the way you work, look at these for example:

Natural Daylight, Energy Efficient Desk Lamps in 4 Colours from £60
Available from Wayfair.co.uk

Natural Daylight Desk Lamps

We love this low energy mobile device charging desk lamp – £44.99
Available from World Stores – it’s black though!

OfficeLite Mobile Device Charging Desk Lamp

4. Relaxing break out areas

Relaxing informal break out areas are all the rage in offices these days and if you can find the space to create one you should! Quite simply they boost moral by inviting collaboration away from the desk and computer, they’re also great for team building on the fly.

Get the staff involved, clear a space and chill it out with soft seating like Kruze Chairs from Boss Design and small occasional meeting tables.

You can even paint the walls with whiteboard paint to encourage relaxed brainstorming! Brilliant! Available from http://www.ideapaint.com/

5. Need some more inspiration?

Last year we were worked with Minton Young and Brightwave e-learning in Brighton on their office refurbishment, it’s a wonderful bright place to work with some cool break out areas… take the Google Business view below and read the case study

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