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5 Recycled Chairs for the Office or Reception

If you’ve read any of our blog posts you will have noticed that we are passionate about the environment, especially when it comes to recycled office furniture.

This week we’d like to share a few awesome recycled chair ideas that we found online, all of which you could easily replicate in your own office.

1. The Recycled Ski Chair

Ski Chair

This ski chair has been designed by a Melbourne based duo, Alexandra Brownlow an Interior Designer and Ed Hyde a Furniture Designer. A great way to remind you of those good old days on the slopes!

2. The Cutlery Chair

Although this chair doesn’t particularly look very comfortable, it certainly catches your eye!

Cutlery Chair

Artist Osian Batyka-Williams found that many restaurants replaced their cutlery after just nine months resulting in tonnes of unnecessary waste.

3. Tube Chair

Another amazing creation from Osian Batyka-Williams but this time using stainless steel tubes!

Tube Chair

The tubes were sourced from reclamation yards within 5 miles of his studio at London Bridge.

4. CD Chair

Spanish Designer Belén Hermosa created this eco-friendly chair now known as the “Panda Chair”. Perfect for music industry offices.

CD Chair

4232 recycled CD’s were used for an eco-design project… the chair was also exhibited at the Habitat Valencia Forward Show in Spain.

5. Bicycle Chair

These unique chairs are designed by Bike Furniture who as their name suggests, create furniture masterpieces from recycled bicycles.

Inner tubes are used to create the upholstery and give it some comfort.

Bike Chair

Cool Pedrali Chair

The Padrali Gliss (shown below) isn’t really a chair that we just found online, however it is one of our favourite designer chairs and is of course recycled. It’s also in stock at just £65.00 +vat (now SOLD!)

Pedrali Gliss Chair

Let us know about your unusual office chairs…

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